Car Relocation

Car Relocation

When you wish to relocate to some other place in India, it is understandable that your vehicle also needs to be transported. But various insecurities come up in your mind regarding the safety of the vehicle during transportation. In such a case, head straight towards Nimit Packers and Logistics.

We provide reliable car carrier service throughout the country. We understand that your car is an expensive belonging. Therefore the transportation of cars is done using special covered trucks and container trailers ensuring that even a minor scratch do not harm your valuable belonging. We offer this service to the individual as well as to the corporate clients. Our wide network compliments the reliable car carrier service throughout the country that too within the time committed to our clients so that you can quickly carry on with your business activities.

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Nimit Packers and Logistics provide protected and rapid car carrier service in all over India. We have professional drivers and car carriers to move your cars and other vehicles within India. We always use Maruti car trailers, which are specially designed for safe moving of car and pother vehicles from one place to another. Nimit Packers and Logistics can also move car from client’s doorstep and can handle detailed documents on behalf of them if they required.

Our Simple Car Shipping Philosophy in being auto movers Our commitment as a family owned and operated auto shipping business is simple that has created thousands of satisfied auto shipping customers: Treat your car like our car. Simple, right? Then why is it overlooked by so many others auto shipping companies. We, Safe N Care, offer professional and prompt car transport at affordable rates. We never cut car transport corners to cut costs of shipping your car.